Thursday, June 01, 2006

Those sneaky North Korea

A quick little piece to prove that I'm still around.  Life's been busy, and I haven't seen a lot I've felt like commenting on lately, sorry.
But here's a tidbit for you all:
Unbeknownst to the world (and likely, even themselves) the DPRK (N. Korea) has become capitalist.  I don't really have much to go on in asserting this.  Only one teeny-weeny little web page.  North Korea's Official webpage--according to the BBC.
And it's hosted on a .com server.  Not .org, .net, or even .dprk.  Yup, it's a .com.
Have fun. Unfortunately, the "buy a souvenir" links don't work. I guess FedEx hasn't opened a Pyongyang branch yet.

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