Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Overheard in Washington

OK, so it wasn't overheard so much as received in an email, but it's both true and funny. I've played ultimate frisbee the past year-plus on a team. One of the players was quoted in a story in the Washington Post today on a fairly complicated, though significant, issue. My girlfriend, who also plays on the team, writes:

"What a classic Washingtonian moment. Reading the Post, and the expert quoted is on my freaking ultimate Frisbee team."
Who says DC isn't a small town?

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ramblingbarrister said...

C'mon, just admit it-- you are much closer to the "inside" than you're willing to admit!

Looking forward to hanging out on your holiday from the beltway-- I'll call this weekend to set something up for next week.

Safe travels!