Monday, April 10, 2006

China Woes

In continuing bad news for the sick in China, there is news today of an explosion in Shanxi province (not to be confused with Shaanxi) that rocked building for over a kilometer, and broke windows as far as 2 km away.  As near as I can tell from, Yuanping is about 200 km west of Shijiazhuang. And if you haven't heard of that provincial capital before, it's because the province is the epitome of provincial.  Probably also why the hospital was in a state to operate more like a bomb than a building.
I don't know what China is doing in it's hospitals, but it seems to me that an explosion of that magnitude is not likely to come from an exploding tank of anesthetic gas.
This follow's on the fire last fall in a hospital in Jilin province that, supposedly, led to an emphasis on hospital safety issues.

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