Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The un-Democratic, and un-democratic, too!

I don't know if there's anyone left in this country who would accuse former House Majority Leader, the 'hammer' Tom DeLay of being a Democrat.  He was, proudly and effectively, the un-Democrat.  The man ran the Republican House machine for a decade (in name or in deed) by pulling all the levers of power that he needed to.
The Post is running a story on him today saying that he wanted to leave only after he, "vanquished his challengers in the Republican primary to deny them the chance to become his successor, associates said."
I guess that's one interpretation of dropping out of a race after the electorate has had a chance to participate in the process.  But another way to describe it is undemocratic. 
Never having been a big fan of Mr. DeLay and his "my way or the highway" political maneuvering, it's hard to be dispassionate about his departure.  It just seems to be telling of DeLay's ultimate respect for the democratic process, when, even in departure, he goes out of his way to short circuit it.
Thank you Mr. DeLay for yet again finding ways to undermine our republic's democratic process.

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