Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Anger or despair?

A quick piece, and then I need to be productive.

This piece in the Post today, about China's efforts to combat AIDS and the obstacles to that fight inherent in the present Chinese system is enough to make you wonder what can be done.

It's about how China's official policy is trying to stem the spread of AIDS, and trying to treat those who are afflicted. But, as the article states,

Doctors at local hospitals responsible for dispensing free pharmaceuticals are exploiting those in need, padding bills with unneeded drugs and dubious services, according to medical experts, government officials and patients.
In a country that, for 5,000 years has never known the rule of law, and only operated under the dual systems of "who you know" and "the mountains are high and the emporer is far away" it's hard to see how sufficient structures will be developed to counter this type of corruption. I mean, they're DOCTORS.

I'm not saying all, most, or even many doctors are behaving this way. But I know how businesses and many other organizations are frequently run in China, and it's not the kind of knowledge that brings hope.

Here's a toast: May China's development and integration with the world overcome the cultural inertia it has towards methods that marginalize the disposessed, and exploits the vulnerable.

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alektra said...

Unfortunately, I can't say that I think things are going to change. At the same time, remember that there are doctors here who pay out of their own pockets to help treat those who are sick at times. I can't imagine all Chinese doctors are horrible, while some American doctors have such compassion.