Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On the 124th day

After 124 days in the District, I'm finally doing what I came here to do. Sort of. Like almost everything with me, there's a catch.

I finally took a job doing something I think I'll find interesting, and will help me see avenues for a longer-term career. I'll be working on a project with a boss who, after several interactions, seems great, and who comes with a superb recommendation from one of my profs.

So what's the catch?

I'm having to eat the words I said as I left my favorite University Ave. Consulting firm, "I'm not working for free again." Well, this time I am. And it's a 3-month commitment.

Here's why I'm willing to work for free.

  1. I'm going to be working on things I find not only important, but interesting.
  2. I'll be at an organization that has a good reputation, and where I know several people already working there--and who all speak highly of it.
  3. Often when people get access to free labor they don't really utlize the skills people bring to the table--I'm confident that wont be the case here.
  4. The boss seems to be very easy to work with.
  5. It seems less "treading waterish" to say I'm interning than to say I'm temping. Makes me feel like I'm doing something with my time.
  6. If frisbee was still happening, I'd be about 2 miles closer to the tuesday fields. Too bad last week was the last game for the year (dratted daylight savings time, and early sunsets!)
Mostly I mention this because it might severely cut into my daylight blogging hours if I have to be reasonably or more productive at each of 2 jobs.


Kerri said...

Internships are also great ways to break into the job scene - you meet people and build up your resume. It's great. Good job, John!

Kerri said...

I mean Chinahand. Feel free to delete for anon reasons if you please :P.

alektra said...

are you going to work two jobs?
cos we love you and want you to be sane!