Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Constitution in America

There have been rumors of this floating around DC for at least 5 months now, but the story on the cover of today's Post reduces rumor to mere news.
There is a bill being proposed in Congress to give DC the vote.
It would give DC's delegate a real seat in the House--with the ability to vote and everything.  The "trade-off" is that Utah would get an additional representative as well.  Don't worry all you out there afraid of consolidating districts, it would ADD both of these seats.
While it is about time that the District finally have the right to participate in events as fundamental to our democracy as...I don't know...VOTE, I think this is a cop-out measure.   Here is my counterproposal.
Give residents of DC the ability to vote in a primary.  The primary will have zero people on the ballot. Only states.  When the ballots are counted from the primary, whichever state earns the most votes in the DC primary will be the state DC residents vote in for the general election.  Just state-wide officials and higher.  No local level races.  And nothing for the House.  2 Senators, Governor, State AG, president.
This would give people in DC the opportunity to vote in states where they have an especially keen interest: might I suggest Mississippi, Alabama, and Alaska.  It would help shake up the power-structures in Washington, and allow the rest of the country a chance to get in on the game.

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