Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Emerging from the depths

but just for a moment.  It's a helter-skelter week, and it's still a month until the summer swelter.
This was one that I just couldn't let pass though.
First, picking a fight with the Latin prelature: as most adults who grew up in Catholic schools attest, probably not a good idea.
But now, claiming that people seeking asylum in ALBANIA are not really refugees.  Sure, they were in Guantanamo.  Sure, they probably have dubious past experiences.  Really though.  They just CHOSE to be dropped off in Albania.  The North Korea of Europe.  That grand bastion of almost nothing. And they wanted to go there.
I'm sure there must be redeeming qualities about Albania.  But I'm also fairly certain that almost no one has ever actually applied to be a refugee in Albania if they weren't already Albanian.  The Chinese?  Definitely not Albanian. 
Score another one for the Chinese in the, our foreign policy isn't making much sense this month, column.

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