Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Corporate Raiders have taken the Whitehouse

If one of the main responsibilities of a CEO and corporate management is maximizing shareholder value, I'd like to use that as a measuring stick for the present administration. After all, it contains more holders of MBAs than any administration in history.

Here are the numbers from the Office of Management of the Budget's own site on budget surplus/shortfall since 1998. See what you think of our CEO-in-chief.

Fiscal Year Surplus/Deficit (billions)

1998 $69
1999 $125
2000 $236
2001 $#
2002 $-158
2003 $-375
2004 $-412
2005 $-427*
2006 $-390*

*estimated; these also do not include Hurricane Katrina emergency authorizations.

# no number found at OMB.

The last year President Clinton had impact on the federal budget, the federal debt was $5.8 trillion. Yeah, that's a lot of zeros. The Bureau of Public Debt accounted the debt as of Friday (Sept. 16, 2005) at $7.9 trillion. That's about an extra $4.13 dollars per American per day since he took office.

Bush and the Congress are mortgaging our children's future for the price of a McDonald's value meal every day.

These have been numbers 100% from the executive branch, or within the whitehouse itself. There is no spin here, no opinion. Just the facts. I'll ask again, what do you think would happen if the people making decisions for America were making decisions for Microsoft, Boeing, or Payless Shoes? I'm guessing they'd be opening up golden parachutes.

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