Monday, September 26, 2005

Those Crafty Communists

Here's a site I read from time to time. Usually when I'm feeling like watching DC local broadcast commercials aren't propaganda enough. (For those that don't know, we get Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Oil Well companies--not Exxon or BP--the actual DRILLING companies, stuff like that.)

It's the "official" news site of the DPRK. Either because the internet is too threatening to have in North Korea or because of some other unknown magical reason, it's actually run from Tokyo, which is not in North Korea nor does it have particularly communist sympathies.

But just in case you thought communism was alive and kicking in North Korea's only official foray into the web, think again. They're as cut-throat capitalist as the rest of the world (though not as much as the NYTimes).

From the bottom of the main page:

This home page is provided by Korea News Service (KNS) in Tokyo.
Re-use of any material on this home page without credit
to Korea News Service (KNS) is prohibited.
So much for "last great bastion of communism." Guess we'll have to go to Burma to find utopia.

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