Thursday, September 08, 2005

Leadership in Action

When we have a president who is as capable of leading a traumatized people through a crisis as ours, what more can the American public really want.

In his first actual action since the disaster struck the Gulf Coast, President Bush rushes spiritual aid to those who have been more than a week without spiritual support.

The BBC Headline: "Bush declares Katrina prayer day"

I'm by no means disparaging prayer as an important part of many people's lives, but for this to be the big news out of the Whitehouse today is a bad omen for the state of our national response to the disaster.

Maybe something happened, and Bush converted to the church of "Christian Science Government Assistance" in the past couple of weeks. I for one would feel better had the President been leading planning efforts 2 weeks ago, instead of prayer efforts today.

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oldG said...

Sure, ask what New Orleanians want. It's not that pleasant to hear something so holy when your smell and your stomach protest so.