Friday, March 10, 2006

Are Singaporeans really --that-- dirty?

A story in today's BBC has to make one ask, "how clean is clean enough?"
A good friend of mine is from Singapore, and it's a place I've never been. Both reasons to hesitate when criticizing.  There is still a question though: how clean is clean enough?
The statement, attributed to a "manpower ministry" official is rather unambiguous:
"Prescribing minimum terms and conditions for the maids would inconvenience many households, a manpower ministry official said."
Another person I know--a doctor--has described Singapore as very similar to a hospital: You're glad to go there when you need to, but you're also happy to leave.  It's clean, it's orderly, it's sterile. 
Maybe Singaporeans aren't actual as clean as their image belies.  Maybe it's all the Indonesian, Sri Lankan, and Philippina maids who keep the place tidy.

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