Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lost in the Beltway

Dear Dr. Hasaclue,
I'm really confused.  I've been watching the Bush administration tread roughshod over the previously held standards of conduct for an administration for the past 5 years now.  I've seen them squander 50 years of accumulated international good will in less than two years.  I've watched as the Democrats' challenge to this President was a lackluster candidate with an insipid campaign.  I've waited five years to see a spark of vitality, or even just plain decency to come from the party that used to champion the 'little fellas, not the Rockefellars." 
Well, I'd thought this tiny little spark finally arrived in Sen. Russ Feingold's censure resolution: S. Res 398.  It's well written, it's concise.  It states facts without the rhetoric or bombast that has so often clouded coherency in our recently televised national tantrums. 
Unfortunately, Democrats have responded to this flare-up of spinal fortitude with the responses one would expect from millennia of Confucian enculturation: beat down the nail daring to stick up.  Not quite the same type of leadership, vision, or willingness to embrace the blindingly obvious that an 'educated' "western democracy" believes itself to deserve.
Dr. Hasaclue, can you please help me understand why Democrats think they should win elections why Democrats think people will vote for them if they chose not to do the wrong thing, instead of choosing to do the right thing?
Lost in the Beltway

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