Monday, March 27, 2006

International Businesses, Start your engines

It looks like FedEx is coming to China.  Not like it was before, little by little, but in a much more concerted, and wholly-owned sort of way.  And even though it is one of the basic facilitators of modern capitalism, it got itself covered in the Chinese national news agency, here.
As someone who's considered starting a business in China, the idea that there could exist a reliable, rapid, and known agent to get packages in or out of China is a huge improvement.  No offence to the hard working folks at the China Postal system, but things--somehow--manage to disappear from packages and envelopes a bit more frequently than, say, in D.C.
Now if we could just get the U.S. to drop its tariffs on goods for which the U.S. doesn't even have a domestic manufacturing market, life would be good.

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