Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Drat! One-upped again!

It looks like the U.S. attempts to set China apart as a big scary monster have been made to seem like efforts of "girlie men" by the Macho Macho Man, himself--Silvio Berlusconi.
What could a rough-and-tumble Italian billionaire have done to ruffle Chinese feathers?  Definitely nothing as bad as publishing a dubious drawing of the Prophet in his newspaper.  No, instead he claimed that during the cultural revolution under Mao, the Chinese boiled their babies to use as fertilizer. 
I guess we misunderestimated the strategery of our President when we thought no one else talked as good as he does.

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Ron L. said...

I would'nt worry about the "boiling babies" comment hurting China's reputation very much. The liberal tree huggers and grass eaters that make up the majority of the media are much more concerned with the consumption of dogs and cats for food than any suffering endured by human infants.