Thursday, October 27, 2005

All work and no play?

Originally, the idea of this blog was to be a bit about policy and a bit about a house full of policy dorks living in the Shangri la of policy dorks. This post is an attempt to move back towards a mix.

A couple weeks ago my mom sounded a bit concerned that I wasn't finding enough time to just have fun. (Yes, mom, I was listening.)

This is just to say, the past few days should have put that concern to rest. Tuesday evening was one of farce and absurdity. Met with the other newly arrived Minnesota-Mafia folks for happy hour, and then wandered to a friend-of-a-friend's place for a pre-"drag race" party.

For some sense of the event, think of several hundred men dressed as women having a street-race in high-heels. There are some photos at the bottom of this page. And for the record, I did not participate, only watched.

Then back to the party where dancing and crazyness with a Friday's zest continued. Long story short, I had a dinner of leftover Mac and Cheese at about 2 am.

Last night was frisbee night. Sadly, the last after-work game of the year. It's getting dark too early for us to get a game going, and with daylight savings kicking in this weekend, we're out of business.

To celebrate, the 6 of us who were there drifted a couple blocks from "our" field near the whitehouse and made most of the patrons in suits feel very uncomfortable as we were in various states of gym clothes.

One thing led to another and about 1030 I found myself in a Karaoke bar eating sushi. Thanks to Red for the 80s suggestion. Bon Jovi got left out, but Cook and I rocked Whitesnake. At least the table of women in front of us seemed to like it.

Here's perhaps the biggest shocker of the week: I ended up dancing...for the second time in 2 weeks. (Deep breaths, dad). Cook, myself, a friend and her roommate ended up dancing a while and then getting home late again. How late? Late enough that, after two days, I think my body has reverted to campaign-sleep-mode: sleeping fast and waking up ready to rumble.

So, no. It's not all work and no play. But much more of this kind of fun and I might need to get a busier job.


alektra said...

Dude, like, I thought it was just for our wedding. I'm hurt. AND YOU DO KARAOKE? I SO should have picked the DC place. The Boy doesn't like karaoke, so I never get to do it.

(Ever wonder how many times I type out The Boy's real name and have to check through to make sure I don't post it? I'll never tell!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah , you can't miss with the 80s hair band action... Also, I'm truly disappointed that you didn't run in drag, seeing as you probably had more experience in your little pinky than all those other wannabe draggers put together...