Saturday, October 22, 2005

One Ping Only

Even though Ska is in town, and I'm supposed to help Sara and Brooke show her a good time, last night it just wasn't going to happen. A week of irregular meals, too much coffee, and not enough sleep caught up with me last night. I couldn't even muster the energy to go to the porch we share with our neighbors, and be social with them at their party. It was too far to walk out the front door.

After sleeping longer than I've slept in months, I woke up this morning to the oddest of sounds. You remember how Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin communicated in "The Hunt for Red October"?
"One ping only."
A sound vaguely reminiscent of a sonar ping echoing through my house. At least I thought it was the house at first. Now that I'm downstairs with my computer in the living room, I realize it's actually the whole neighborhood.

A quck peek out the window didn't reveal any Los Angeles, Seawolf, or Akula submarines, so I'm guessing there are no Joseph Hazelwoods captaining submarines right now, and even if they were, they wouldn't be able to get three miles inland to hang out on my block. So for now, the source of our active-sonar pings remains uncharictaristically unknown.

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The Old Man said...

How more obscure can you get than Joe Hazelwood? He wasn't even listed in the Wickipedia link, unless you reference the movie "Waterworld".
As for the "ping", I always gravitate towards the CIA solution. That is, all things unexplained are the result of CIA involvement.