Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wit and Wisdom

Don't worry, not from me.

But from an unusual source: the Washington Post. There's a post today in The Post by one of it's resident bloggers. I'm not normally prone to reading the bloggings of those with the pretension to do it for a major newspaper, but two words caught my attention in the front-page link today:


On the off-chance that there are a few non news-junkies out there, Ms. Dowd is a columnist of long-standing for....the NYTimes. The largest rival of the Washington Post for the 95% of Americans who can't afford the Wall Street Journal.

One paper putting the name of a columnist of a different paper on the cover? This must have some merit.

And it does. Remember how the NYT started charging one Sunday for something that had been free for a decade before? Apparently, the Post blogger thinks its silly too. And maybe, just maybe, so does Maureen Dowd.

In any case, keep fighting the power, and boycot the Times online. (notice lack of link).

PS. Random tidbit. Tuesday, I linked to a page in wikipedia about the commodore 64. A great piece of equipment for playing with Logowriter, but nothing fancy. Well. It's today's featured article. I guess I really am just ahead of the curve.

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