Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The DeLay delay

A reader of North Suburban fame has asked, "when are you going to rant on DeLay?" He knew me in college, and had the misfortune of trying to sleep through many of my 3 am paper and rant-writing sessions. So he knows what he's talking about.

The problem is, I don't have anything to add on the DeLay front. I mean, if the guy's not guily, Bush talks gooder in the English language than most folks I'm knowing. But it doesn't matter. The Texas redistricting--that helped preserve a Republican Majority in the House--isn't going to be recalled, even if the state-elections that led to the redistricting were arrived at through fraudulent, illegal, unethical, and mechanisms even Machiavelli himself would have blushed, had "the Hammer" suggested them to him.

So there's that going against me ranting on DeLay.

There's also bigger news.

Saddam has switched bodies with Mel Gibson! Saddam met with President Vicente Fox of Mexico today and pledged $1 million to Mexican hurricane relief, while Gibson sat in the courtroom in Hussein's place during today's trial. What's amazing is I'm the first person to notice. I've got the scoop!

Don't believe me? Here are the pictures.

You tell me which one is which.

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