Monday, October 24, 2005

Scooped again!

Oh drat! I've been scooped again. Normally I have to bow to the high and mightly like the Times, Post, BBC, or the Onion. This time though, by blog heavy-hitter Wonkette.

If any of you are wondering what could inspire such a vehement outburst from me, it was this story on the great and powerful Kay Baily Hutchison's comments that perjury really is a silly idea of a crime.

Not to dwell on the judicial system today, but it seems an odd argument from a Republican that perjury isn't really a serious crime, when it was sufficient to impeach a President. Oh, I forgot, he was of a different party.

Even if that part of the absurdity doesn't get you going, (and it's enough for me, today at if the 4 other posts aren't testament enough) there's that small matter that this woman is likely going to vote on the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice in the next month.


I know the axiom is "a people get the government they deserve," but I think it's a bit much to assert that the choices made by our government should be based on the idea that the juridical process of the United States should only be applied at times of political convenience.

And just in case anyone wants to say this is a political witch-hunt, a comparison: Clinton's Whitehouse appointed a "special prosecutor" who dug into just about every aspect of the Clinton's lives. Remember, not finding any wrong-doing in Whitewater, Starr then moved into other areas of Clinton's life...resulting in the Monica Lewinski-perjury problem that resulted in Clinton's being disbarred.

President Bush, by contrast? Has refused to release any documents of any kind involving either himself (military records), his office--governor or President, or those of people who worked inside the Exec. office of the President/Vice-President--John Roberts, Dick Cheney, Harriet Miers. Hmmmm

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