Monday, October 24, 2005

User-fees for living?


You're no longer autonomous. According to a new article in Science, 20% of the human genome has been patented. 63% of these are held by private companies. 28% by universitites. Apparently there are 9% that are "mystery genes."

I think I'm going to start patenting genes. Then I'm going to start charging monthly gene-based user-fees. I figure $1 per person per gene per month. If even 20% of Americans have a particular gene, that means I get $60 million a month for people having the audacity to contain genes in their bodies that I have been bold enough to risk resources to research and patent. I think it's a great idea.

Hopefully we'll live in a world like this soon. Because there's nothing like allowing corporations charge you for using your own biology. Maybe I'll patent bloodcells too. That might be a nice revenue boost. I'll get back to ya'll with more after I've consulted with my high-powered legal team.

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alektra said...

Ooo! Me, me, me! Then, when people breathe and stuff, they have to pay. I know the case and EVERYTHING! :)

Happy to represent you, Mr. Chinahand.