Monday, October 24, 2005

Treading Water

In case you were wondering, Yes. I am trying to set a new personal-best for "9-5 posts".

Several people have asked how the interview was this morning. It was pretty good. Not great, but good. The woman who interviewed me--who is in charge of the office--seemed to be a good person, and would be decent to work for. She pushed me a bit on my lack of job-experience in the idosyncracies of that particular office, and since I don't actually have much experience, I didn't have a lot to push back with. Other than that my interests and qualifications seemed to sit well with her.

Now it's "wait and see" time. Made non-the-better by the interview happening in the morning. I mean, if it was afternoon, I could have done the interview, gone back to work for an hour or two, gone home and done something to relax. Not so. With the boss's presentations for his next couple endeavors already finished, there isn't a whole lot to do today--which makes the day go slow, and the waiting seem longer. No, I don't expect to find anything out (good or bad) before Friday at the earliest, but sitting in a location with little to do is not my idea of productive, fun, or useful. Patience, you have left me today.

So that was how the interview went.

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