Thursday, October 06, 2005

beauty is still free

and sometimes comes from surprising packages.

I saw this via a friend's blog, it's from yesterday's Post, but since I can't seem to get to it, check it out here. It's, of all people, George F. Will. Who rates right up there with Bill Bennett as a person who I don't like reading because I usually am utterly impressed by the depths of the reality-blinders he wears.

Not yesterday.

He poses some great questions about the nomination of Mier, and offers cogent responses to the same.

A little comment to President Bush: when you've got hippies like George Will shooting at you (from the right) you know you've lost your "base". And since you had such a strong hold on the other 49.7 percent of the country, it might be time to stop playing President, and start being President.

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